There are approximately 400 million pigeons that exist worldwide. Although pigeons
are generally peaceful and harmless creatures, the same cannot be said for their droppings. As
a result, those who live in high-rise buildings or apartment complexes where pigeons frequent
should take the clean up of pigeon droppings seriously. Pigeons can, through their droppings,
introduce parasites, ticks, and other disease-carrying pathogens into surrounding

Pigeons pass nitrogenous waste from their bloodstream in the form of uric acid instead
of urea and ammonia. They also do not have a separate urinary bladder. As such, the uric acid is
passed out of their bodies along with their poop. This could cause irritation and respiratory
disorders in humans. It can also affect the spleen and liver, causing blood abnormalities and
even pneumonia.

Depending on the level of droppings present and location, cleaning methods could very
from a general clean of the hard surfaces to a more in depth clean of air handling ducting, etc.
This is where the expertise of a restoration company proficient in pigeon dropping clean up can
become an invaluable asset as they will know where to look, how to clean and how to properly
dispose of the waste from clean up.