Water Damage

One of the leading causes for property damage is water. So many things in our homes involve water yet we rarely ever think about causing water damage. The usual suspects for causing such damages are burst pipes or Mother Nature and her crazy ways; when really there are so many more. See the list below for common culprits in your home.


  1. Broken Pipes, Yes it is number one on the list. Ensuring that you know where your pipes are and causes for them to break is an important part of home ownership. In Alberta the main cause for broken pipes is our fluctuation in weather. Cold to hot to cold again causes expansion and contraction that can result in stress on the pipes over time.
  2. Plugged drainage systems, this is a wide category that is not exclusive to the pipes in your home. Ensuring that your gutters are cleared of debris to allow for proper flow can prevent them from backing up and draining in other areas. If you have a swale in your back yard for water to run down always make sure that it is clear of leaves, mud and grass, one crazy storm or a neighbor who leaves a hose on can cause a back-up and overflow of water that has the potential to cause damage to so many areas.  If you live near a water drain on the street be the neighbor who clears things like snow and ice from it, save yourself and others the hassle of having to deal with water backups.
  3. Washing machines and hot water tanks. Age plus wear and tear contribute to the potential cause of unexpected leaks. Depending on where they are in your home and what is surrounding them these can be minor leaks in the grand scheme of things, or they can lead to a headache of problems.
  4. Toilets, Yes they made the list of course. Toddlers and toys can be a huge cause of a toilet backup and/or overflow. Other factors to consider include too much toilet paper or non-flushable tissues such as Kleenex, paper towel or baby wipes. None of these tissues are flushable because they do not break down in the water, and in large quantities they can actually cause a blockage in your drainage pipes.

Being aware of these potential risks and doing your due-diligence can help you from ever experiencing costly water damage to your home.


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